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Vedant Sharmaa is a well-known astrologer and numerologist is Vedant Sharmaa. He has counseled celebrities and political officials. Numerous TV and Bollywood celebrities visited his index for astrology and numerology lectures from his father during his early years in this vocation. He is a renowned Indian astrologer who has received multiple awards from various dignitaries. Vedant Sharmaa appears on several networks as a top astrology and numerology expert, predicting the success of Bollywood films and recommending therapies to the public, including Zoom TV, Sanskar, Aastha, and others. He is regarded as the best, most outstanding, and number one Astrologer and Numerologist in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Kuwait, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Canada, China, and other Asian and European countries, among others, based on online readings.