‎11:11:11 – Your Powerful Triple Gateway On 11.11.11 we will experience the 11th day of the 11th month in the 11th year of the century

11:11:11 – Your Powerful Triple Gateway.
On 11.11.11 we will experience the 11th day of the 11th month in the 11th year of the century –
all triggered in a 24-hour period, making this a very powerful moment in time. 
11.11.11 is a triple activation of the double digit
“Master Number” 11. 
In numerology, the number 1 represents new beginnings, 

so 11 symbolizes “double new beginnings.” 

The two 1’s in 11 each represent a pillar. 
Side-by-side the 11 looks like a gateway or portal. 
This gateway symbolizes moving from the past into the present. In other words, walking through the 11 Gateway means letting go of the known and embracing the present moment, which is unknown. 
The date 11.11.11 activates the number 11 three times. 
3 is the number of creative perfection – mother, father, child. 
On this date, we have a profound opportunity to ‘see’ through the triple 11 portal and create our vision of the future. Literally, to create a New Beginning. 
Every number has a positive meaning and a ‘shadow’ side. 
11 in the positive is highly intuitive, visionary, creative, original, balanced and inspired. 
11 in the negative is unbalanced, torn, separate, frustrated and divided. 
A positive 11 ‘sees’ a clear vision. This is the number of the psychic, seer and visionary. 
A negative 11 sees di-vision, is trapped in the past instead of living in the present moment. 
Thus, 11 always asks you to find Balance. By walking through the 11 Gateway and trusting our intuition, we bypass division and feel whole again. We are “in balance.” 
So, on 11.11.11 you have a particularly strong opportunity to confront the parts of your life that feel divided, separate or incomplete and need to be resolved. Relationships especially are affected, because 11 reduces to the ‘root number’ 2 (11 = 1+1 = 2) and 2 symbolizes communication, diplomacy and cooperation in relationships. 
Walking through the gateway into ‘Double New Beginnings’ is the key to the number 11. 
On 11.11.11 everything in your life can be renewed and transformed. 
Take advantage of this wonderful moment in time – a triple activation of Double New Beginnings. 
Release old hurts, talk to the people you have unresolved issues with – reach out and forgive. You will be blessed many times over as a new lightness of being embraces your heart. 
Let all bygones be bygones. 
Now create your spectacular reality. BE the person you want to be. Don’t look back. Keep moving forward through the gateway. 
Moment by moment…

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