The relationship between planets, the signs and the houses they are positioned in and how they aspect each other plays an important part in determining a person’s mental and psychological make up and which aspects of his/her life will be affected adversely or positively

The relationship between planets, the signs and the houses they are positioned in and how they aspect each other plays an important part in determining a person’s mental and psychological make up and which aspects of his/her life will be affected adversely or positively. 

Venus rules the emotions, financial and personal relationships, marriage and love, social and material affairs. 

Following are the effects of Venus in different signs: 

Venus in Aries: This position indicates people who are aggressive in their emotional feelings and are enthusiastic and shine in social gatherings. They are competitive and will not hesitate in pursuing their love interest. At times they can be impulsive in love matters as well as demanding and self absorbed. It gives a fondness for traveling, music and the arts, but hasty or early marriage. If afflicted it can give disappointments in love and predisposition to health troubles like cold and glandular infections. 

Venus in Taurus: Venus in this sign gives a strong and steadfast love, maturity, generosity and loyalty, although there will be a tendency to be possessive. The sense of touch is highly developed and such people will excel in massage. Most people with this placement will make themselves and their surroundings very beautiful. It also gives the person a rich and melodious voice. Marriage can be delayed some times. If afflicted it gives a tendency to throat trouble. 

Venus in Gemini: This placement makes the person fond of variety in love, and a disinclination to settle down to one permanent romantic relationship. Such people are excellent conversationalists and attracted to people with equally sharp minds. At times there will be dual affairs simultaneously. Gains are indicated from travels, business and writing, and a possibility of be more than one marriage. When weak, this placement gives fickleness, superficiality, impurity in blood circulation. 

Venus in Cancer: This placement gives a deep love for children, mother and home, artistic ability and gain from water. Such people want a loving home life and emotional security, partners who are demonstrative and make them feel secure. They prefer staying at home with loved ones than going out. Women with this placement are very home loving and maternal. It is not a very good combination for marriage and there can be delay caused by parental disapproval, disappointment or unforeseen difficulties. 

When weak this position can give stomach and diabetic troubles, and tendency to be unstable emotionally. 

Venus in Leo: This placement makes the person liberal, sympathetic, kind hearted and charitable. Such people have great dramatic ability, and ability to paint and pursue all kinds of art forms. Such people are very loyal and committed in relationship. Love children and are very popular. If weak it gives losses from speculative ventures, heart and spinal problems. 

Venus in Virgo: People with this placement will have classic beauty and grace, but cold and frigid by nature. Gains are indicated through medical field, and business partnerships. Such people are not spontaneous but self conscious and overtly critical of their loved ones. Their partners have to be their intellectual equals, and a lot pf people with this placement remain single. They are fastidious ad some of the best designers are born with this combination.

Venus in Libra: People with this placement thrive in happy marriages and strong social and cooperative interaction. Venus rules Libra so the planet is at its peak when placed in this house. It makes the native attractive and sensitive, and such people work very hard to make others feel at ease and cared for. For people with this placement, intellectual compatibility is very important, just physical attraction won’t do it for them. There is a great aptitude for dealing with people and for business. Usually such natives are endowed with artistic and musical ability and they avoid disagreement and discord by all means. 

Women with this placement need to be appreciated and to be in the limelight. 

Venus in Scorpio: people with this placement are intense, sensual and possessive. They can be over emotional and unable to walk in the shoes of others when their emotions are aroused. People with a well placed Venus in Scorpio can make the highest sacrifices if they feel the person or the cause is worth it. At times they may be too serious for their own good, and when let down may often find it hard to forgive and forget. Once they break up with someone there is no going back. There is a good gut instinct and a flair for dramatic arts, or being theatrical in real life as well .At times such people bring discredit to their own family and may suffer from an undiagnosed or private organ disease. If Venus is afflicted people with this combination can be controlling and may use their allure as a weapon to get what they want. 

Venus in Sagittarius: Such people are good looking well appreciated, conscientious and honorable. They earn money by righteous means and are very spiritual. Such people are forthright in their dealings with others and what you see is usually what you get. They are giving and generous in relationships, and are very ethical and moral in the way they handle things and people. They prefer to mingle with like minded people and usually marry within their own religious or ethnic groups or someone who would be willing to convert or is sympathetic to their way of thinking. There will be a tendency at times to be larger than life and flashy. A, lot of architects, sportsmen and travelers are found with this placement in their charts. 

Venus in Capricorn: Venus in this position is considered weak. It endows the native with a cold, self absorbed kind of beauty and disposition and makes them exceedingly materialistic. There will be a tendency to marry for money or status. Such people are very reserved emotionally and sexually and often they seek people much older or more mature to give them the stability they look for. A lot of meticulous composers have this placement in their charts. If afflicted this position gives a tendency to heart disease and of being dishonest and attachment to someone much older. 

Venus in Aquarius: People with this placement are friendly and casual, with sparkling personalities and they befriend anyone and every one. They are original and untraditional and go by their own ideas of right and wrong. They get involved in relationships casually and get out of them as impulsively; creative, highly intelligent or artistic people attract them. Such people get bored easily and don’t like possessive or jealous partners. They are intrigued by anything that is unusual and not run of the mill. If Venus is afflicted such people can act in a very unpredictable and unorthodox manner and do their own thing even if it means discomforting others. There can be more than one involvement simultaneously as well. 

Venus in Pisces: Venus here is at its exaltation, the best position for it to be. It makes people kind, spiritual and compassionate, as well as extremely lucky and humane. 

Such people are romantic and sensitive, and like their partners to reciprocate romantically as well. Some of the most creative and artistic people have been born with this placement in their charts. At times these people can be taken for a ride because they are so kind and caring. The natives with this combination will always acquire high status in life.