Birthday Prediction For ‪#‎ARJUNKAPOOR‬ ARJUN KAPOOR is no. 8 (26th June 1985)

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Birthday Prediction For ‪#‎ARJUNKAPOOR‬

ARJUN KAPOOR is no. 8 (26th June 1985)

This year 2015 adds to 8 which was predicted will not be good for 8

He started off the year with a flop ‘Tevar’ and then got in to a controversy for being a part of a roast show.

4 & 8 together is not a good combination
Now he will enter in his unlucky 31st(4) year
He wont have a single release this year
He should be very careful personally professionally & financially & lie low.
He is likely to make a few bad investments and so should be very careful with money matters. Any unnecessary and frivolous expenses must be avoided.
Wearing a Ruby on his ring finger to be set in gold will help him from not getting in to misunderstandings with people who matter and also maintain cordial relations with others.