4 & 8 together creates disaster After daughter, Asha Bhosle’s son passes away

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4 & 8 together creates disaster
After daughter, Asha Bhosle's son passes away
Asha Bhosle is no.8 too (8 Sept.)
Asha Bhosle has lost her elder son Hemant Bhosle. 
Hemant was running in his unlucky 67th(4) year ruled by rahu
He was was suffering from a terminal disease and passed away on Saturday September 26 in Scotland.26 adds to 8 shani saturn & day was saturday too in year 2015 which adds to 8.
Hemant Bhosle name adds to 49 (4) unlucky unfortunate unpredictable no. of rahu.
However Asha tai, as she is affectionately called, was not informed of the tragedy immediately as she was to perform at a concert in Singapore. 
She lost both her children on a date which adds to 8
8 proved unlucky for asha tai who herself is 8
This is the second offspring Asha Bhosle has lost in three years. Coincidentally Ashatai was performing live in Singapore when her daughter had ended her life.

On Oct 8, 2012 while Ashaji was performing at a live concert in Singapore, her daughter Varsha committed suicide by shooting herself.

By a bizarre coincidence Asha Bhosle was once again performing at a live concert in Singapore when her son Hemant passed away on September 26.