Timing of Antardasha Results- Predictive Astrology

Timing of Antardasha Results- Predictive Astrology

When will the results of an antardasha accrue during the antardasha ?

The Sun – Between 16th August to 16th September

The Moon – Between 15th July to 15th August

Mars – Between 13th April to 13th May and between 15th November to 16th December

Mercury – Between 15th June to 15th July and 16th September to 16th October

Jupiter – Between 16th december to 14th january and between 12th march to 12th April

Venus – Between 14th May to 14th June and between 16th October to 14th November

Saturn – Between 14th January to 12th march

How to use above ?

Suppose you have a Saturn antardasha running and it shows a Promotion. Then when will it happoen in the Saturn antardasha ? In all probabilities this promotion will happen between 14th january to 12th march.

This can take place on a Saturday when either the Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Saturn transits Capricorn orquarius , in Pushya,Anuradha or Uttarbhadra Nakshatras.