On the Perfect-7 Week in the 7th Month, he says, “First week of July will be creative, artistic and energetic

My interview published on Cool Age from BITS Pilani, Goa
'Challenging names attract obstacles' – Vedant Sharmaa 
By Chintan Zalani
From BITS Pilani, Goa
Posted Jul 3rd 2012 10:30AM

'Challenging names attract obstacles' – Vedant Sharmaa (Perfect 7)
By Chintan Zalani
From BITS Pilani, Goa
Posted Jul 3rd 2012 10:30AM
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He appears at Zoom TV frequently to predict about films and stars. Mithun Da's son's name 'Mahaakshay' has been instructed by him! His diverse clienteles include TV serial actors like Munji Jha (Kyunki Fame), music composers and even some Ranji Players. Atelier – a Delhi based magazine was bestowed its name by him. Moreover, his articles are also published in Atelier and some local newspapers.

After monthly visits to clients in Mumbai/Delhi, he has now extended his clientele to USA and will be going for doing a TV show there this year!

Guys, this brilliant guy is – Vedant Sharmaa(numerological extra 'a'); practicing numerology, Nadi & KP astrology and palmistry from 4 years. He lives in a small town Ujjain (in Madhya Pradesh) and works from home majorly for his global fans.

An IT engineer by education, he is also a platinum club member & 4 times MDRT in Bharti Axa Life insurance. His father is an expert palmist practicing the discipline for 30 years now and is the inspiration for Vedant to take up numerology/astrology.

Vedant believes that numbers are very effective in our lives and numerology assists an individual to attain success, wealth, health, peace of mind and good fortune.

This is how – The limitations of one's date of birth(DOB) can be overcome by modification of the name by adding or deleting of alphabets to arise on fortunate numbers! Challenging names are much more likely to attract obstacles and difficulties. On the other hand, a fortunate current name (in harmonious vibration with our DOB numbers) paves a clear and much easier road towards success, peace of mind and happiness.

"If we change our name's spelling and use our lucky numbers, then, we are ruled by planets which are lucky for us. So they change our destiny and bring good luck in our life" he states. But, then he also expresses that 'there is no substitute for hard work or good luck'. Only those who are lucky can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

When questioned about astrology, he says, "Krishnamurti Paddati Astrology predictions are also accurate. We all are ruled by certain planets. KP Astrology is more accurate than Vedic astrology. Through this we can know accurate answers for any questions like when events like marriage, child birth, job promotion, foreign travels etc. will happen. I daily see in my clients chart how planets rule our lives. There are 'yogs' of being a lawyer, an actor. Also, we can clearly see about good/bad health and loss/gain in our birth chart."

He further explains the interconnection between the 3 sciences – astrology, numerology and palmistry. "Each number represents one planet (both are 9 in total!). For example: Number 1 represents the sun. Number 2 represents moon and Number 9 represents mars. In palmistry also we have mars mount venus mount and saturn finger jupiter finger. I combine all 3 sciences to give accurate predictions."

Next up I probed him about how he learnt numerology. He replies, "In numerology cheiro is my guru. I started learning from his books. Then from south I learned advanced numerology from one teacher. Through advanced numerology we can make kundali without requiring birth time & place. When I used this knowledge practically & saw results then I learned most while practicing."

He also has some tips for the college students. "College students are about to start their life so they definitely need strong fortunate names to support them in their fields and their endeavors. They must know the importance of their lucky dates, lucky numbers and how to use them. Students can also keep peacock feather with them and recite gayatri mantra for confidence."

On the Perfect-7 Week in the 7th Month, he says, "First week of July will be creative, artistic and energetic. This rare happening signifies good things. This July month is very lucky for the people of Cancer sign & people born on 2, 11, 20, 29, 7, 16, 25 dates of any month. People will feel very romantic creative & sensitive this month."

Don't forget to logon to www.vedantsharmaa.com or visit his facebook page to get your monthly predictions.

Vedant also does some shayari, but, we would rather end up this article with this video in which he features on Zoom TV.

Wonder what is Perfect-7? Just, click here.


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