Why Spiritual Remedies don’t work for some people?

Why Spiritual Remedies don't work for some people?

I'm not happy in my life and things have not changed with Spiritual Remedies too!

As long as you cling onto " I am not happy" you CREATE more to BE unhappy about.

When you CHOOSE to EMBRACE what is, you OPEN to ALLOW CHANGE to OCCUR.

Start each morning, on the start of a new day, be open to happiness and ALLOW yourself to enjoy whatever the task may BE.

You will FIND you GET more recognition and appreciation when you CHOOSE to BE happy.

Happiness is a choice, it is not something that comes from outside circumstances.

Relax, figure out how to enjoy where you are, and you will FIND things beginning to CHANGE.

One must BEGIN to PUT into the past what has been, FORGIVE and look to the future, putting in the NOW what one wants in the future.

In other words, start saying you are seeing what you want to see, in order for it to come into fruition.

As long as one holds onto judgments about what has been in the past, one keeps repeating the same patterns.
Spiritual remedies BRING US into alignment with what it is they express. We must BE willing to CHANGE ourselves to have our lives CHANGE. What is is the result of past stories perpetuated into the the future by our focus on what has been. We must BE willing to follow good impulses when working with spiritual remedies, in order to ALLOW CHANGE to OCCUR.

We cannot DO what we have always DONE and expect CHANGE to OCCUR. We must BE willing to ALLOW the Spiritual Remedies to lead US into a NEW future.