ome comments on my video

Some comments on my video Very #Funny Video : जब कोई उज्जैन का व्यक्ति किसी के मरने पर अफसोस करने जाता है तो क्या बात करता है (#TrueStory#Hilarious
Pooja : V nice..and funny like Shri Om Vyas👍🏼
Pooja Dershan Purwa Delhi: Bhaiya good comedy…. Why dont u join bollywood … Kha astrologer ho gaye😋
Ritika Sharma :Acting k shaukeen.. 👌🏻👌🏻
Sandhya Kumar : 😊 उजैनी भाषा 👌🏻
Vivek Iyer NZ : Ahahaha…this video cracked me up.. surprisingly I've seen 80% of the video beforehand…but this is so fun..I'm surprised people react in this way during such occasion!! 😮