I just wanted to thank you as many people are busy in life

Jeff Weiner: Hello Brother sir,
I just wanted to thank you as many people are busy in life ,their struggles ,every day cry and problems in life. Don’t feel bad that they talk to u but when they are alone but u are may be like a candle of light that comes to people’s mind ,just like season s people like ,change ,hate and are often mean, but I’m appreciating u ,that u are intuitive , inspirational,gifted , talented,encouragement and give everyone wonderful astro tips healing codes positive energy to all..and help in service of people suffering, God bless u for it, I felt good looking at ur family,loss of ur wonderful mother , felt emotional.at loss of parent …God bless ur sweet wife and dad ,cuz we never meet people who are so ..down to earth talking to commoners inspire motivate…. of u being rich famous and so humble and kind to people always helping and understanding ,unlike others Astrologers Sanjay jumaani and others are so greedy in money making,only care celebrities, never care or talk to normal people in World.. proud and hurting or arrogant way…in some ways ,I want to thank people who made me smile in 2018 , made changes in minor way astrologically grateful and thankful to every soul..God bless you.richly and AbundantLY. At times I’m angry cold or moody, but I heartly appreciate genuine people like u..who I see a bit of goodness in them , praising them ,they never lose their worth in jealous and evil competitive world…never give up…bro
You are talented
Happy person.
,u make others feel happy around u , You are a blessing to others in sharing ur valuable astro knowledge and tips to mankind. Inventive pearls of wisdom 👌
I try learning from everyone .
Why can’t you people come on Tv show of Bigg boss like jumaani’s and shine in India.😄 God bless