NUMBER – 9 Stands in symbolism for the planet mars. Born on 9 th 18 27 are between 21st march and april 26th or between 21oct and 27th nov.


Stands in symbolism for the planet mars. Born on 9 th 18 27 are between 21st march and april 26th or between 21oct and 27th nov. Fighters , difficult time in early years, by the end they are successful by their girt, strong will, and determination. Hasty in temper, impulsive, independent, and desire to be their own masters bound to make more enemies, they are often wounded or killed either in warfare or in the battle of life . 9 is noticed to be more than usually dominant in the dates and events of their lives, great courage and make excellent soliders or leaders. Prone to accidents from fire and explosions , may undergo operations by surgeons knife . experience many quarrels and strife in home life . either with their own relations or with the family they are married into. They strongly resent criticism , they always have good opinion of themselves , they like to be head of the house. Resourceful and excellent in organization, but they must have full control, otherwise they lose heart and stand aside and let things go to pieces. For affection and sympathy they will do anything , men of this number are made fools if clever women gets pulling at their heartstrings. Get on well with 3 6 9 people, Shakti has the effect of 5 and the destroyer represented by 9 represents mars , 9 18 27 of any month are under this control. Having destiny no also 9 . it helps them to gain all the benefits in the present birth itself. Born to struggle., entire life will be filled with struggles of every sort, patriotic and do something good for the country. , intelligent persons of this number will spend much time in assessing the strengths of the opponents and will act accordingly, thus proving that they are adaptable they are just people who bide their time and wait for the opportunity if they find themselves losing in any situation, they will work upon a compromise immediately that will invariably be made out on their own terms.flexilble , risk their lives even in minor issues, intelligent 9 will not disclose their opinion to others, average 9 will disclose everything and will expose their anger and feelings. Failures never deter them and have the inner strength to withstand any problem , they often get novel ideas . smiling face , very helpful to friends , Selflessness, forgiveness, magnanimity, humanitarianism, tolerance, generosity, broadmindedness, charitable nature, philanthropic spirit, religiousness, dramatic talents, unorthodoxy, spirituality, propensity for divine life, skill, trustworthiness, loyalty, romanticism, working for others, and good health. Aggressive, energetic,youthful, active , assertive, angry and short tempered. Lively and generous , leadership qualities daring and dashing activities, impulsive decision, dynamisim , and commanding skills Plotting , scheming and night life activities. Violence, street fighting, accidents, injuries War , destruction and bloodshed Courage and confidence , enemies and legal disputes, quarrels and quarrelsome nature , independent and highly ambitious , south, murders and murderers.

Negative effects – moody , haste, unfaithful in love affairs, and careless in money matters, selfish , intolerant, deceptive, inclined to high living and given to eating, drinking and merry making. A rule is rule no drifting away from it . brave, strict than kind, aggressive and will not stop until they achieve their goal , they will not accept defeat , they do not have weak sentiments , sympathy for poor , love children and animals, fond of the family, lead good married life despite their bad temper.Enjoy all comforts that money can buy, lucky in money matters, earn more than an average person.
They should take head bath regularly, fruit milk and buttermilk regularly


Persons born on 9th : ambitious and aim to perform stupendous tasks. ,they will combat all opposition and live happily
Persons born on 18th : only when these people give up selfishness , will they be prosperous, they must not make hasty decisions, this no brings misunderstandings and ill feeling with all those around , these people must exercise control over anger and avoid obstinate. Emotions will constantly spur their minds.
Persons born on 27th : involved only in good work and will inturn derive benefits , plans will succed because of their wisdom , peaceful persons compared to 9 18, profound thinkers who will work tirelessly, deeply analyze anything and everything. Advised not to carry arms even for self defence

Married life: no 9 husband : he is fond of a good looking wife, family and children and would like to have a good house , he is always suspicious of his wife.

No 9 wife : she is a witty and clever conversationalist. She is an ambitious person and will assist her husband in his business

Lucky colours : Red rose tones, pink, crimson & deep red. 



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