When everything changes in an instant If you are feeling more emotional lately, you’re not alone. The world is undergoing a re-alignment. Very exciting emotional break-throughs are occurring.

When everything changes in an instant
If you are feeling more emotional lately, you're not
alone. The world is undergoing a re-alignment. Very
exciting emotional break-throughs are occurring.

Some are not without their painful moments – yet they are all serving a huge purpose.

To set you FREE. The world is undergoing its own tremendous shift now.

On Dec 21, 2012 the Sun will be in conjunction with

Galactic Center. This means our sun will have come full
circle and will be facing the center of our galaxy for
the first time in 26,000 years.

The old world system of the past 26,000 years is coming
to an end.

2012 in the Mayan Calendar signifies a marker point
when humans and nature go through a cleansing cycle. As
a result, human beings are going through a Spring

Compared to nature, we tend to resist the cleanse cycle
because it means we have to change!

But it's time to clear the attic of some pretty old

When your garden of flowers, vegetables or fruits needs
to be pruned and weeded – or else the birds, bees and
insects won't show up – you clean and clear the
unnecessary debris.

We clean our cars, vacuum our house, wash our clothes,
bathe and shower our bodies, clean our dirty dishes.

What about our toxic emotions? There's no difference.

But somehow we neglect these for as long as we can –
until they spill over when the toxicity and imbalance
becomes intolerable. Yes, your psyche will get backed
up if neglected for too long.

The cycles of time the Mayans knew about so long ago
are bringing outdated perceptions to an end.

Listen closely to the rhythms unfolding in your life
right now, watch for the signs and symbols and you'll
CONSCIOUSLY participate in your own cleansing —
thereby bypassing much unnecessary heartache and pain.

When your inner house is not in order, you are much
more susceptible to external energies, confusion, media
programming and angst – anything that gets you

Fortunately, there is no need to fear change, no need
to panic or worry.

The cosmic clock is creating many openings for you.
All you need to do is engage with your inner light, your
intuition, and step through the gateway.

First shift your perception like the number 5 shows you
how to do.

2012 = 5

5 is an image of a pivot point, facing left and right,
sitting on a rocker – Decisions, Changes, Risk,

Then look at how the sun faces galactic center on the
Winter solstice, a pivot point in our own 12 months

21.12.2012 = 11.

11 is a literal representation of walking through two
columns in the ancient temples of wisdom and being
initiated into a deeper level of self-understanding.

2012 is not about calamities and the end of the world.
It signifies the end of our perception of the world as
we have known it.

2-01-2 is about self-motivated inner growth.

Step outside your comfort zone. If you're not
comfortable, guess what? That's GOOD news! You are
stretching and growing as you step up and through the
gateway. You are taking risks. You are alive and well.

The other day I heard this wonderful truism:

"The nature of Being is the constant erosion of what is
no longer necessary."

Think of a wind blowing the sand off a buried city –
revealing who and what you have been all along!

This is the message of the sands of time.

The end of an era is happening now. It's literally time
to wake up. Take a moment every day to tune into your
Soul – the TRUE YOU.

In numerology, the first step is to check the thermostat
of your name. Is yours running hot or cold?

The answer lies in your spiritual calling card – the
frequency of your Current name.

If the name you're using adds up to a fortunate number,
your life is not riddled with obstacles and confusion.
Your thermostat is running warm.

However, if you are carrying around a name spelling
that adds up to a challenging number, you'll continue
to experience hurdles, interfering influences and
distractions which prevent you from feeling a constant
flow of peace of mind, abundance and happiness. The
world feels colder.

So, if you do just ONE thing, be sure you check your
current name. Your life will "heat up" in positive




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