9 Secrets to Success With Mercury retrograde now over, you should be feeling a lot more forward movement!


9 Secrets to Success

With Mercury retrograde now over, you should be feeling 

a lot more forward movement! 

And with 21.12.2012 fast approaching, you'll sense an 

internal push/pull as you redefine your priorities 

while releasing ideas and beliefs keeping you locked in 

a frustrating holding pattern. 

We all experience inertia at times. Where nothing seems 

to motivate us. 

What if you knew how pierce through the veil? 

I know how aggravating it can be when you're in a 

slump. I've certainly had my share! But I also know 

that slumps are signs. 

You are either tired and actually need rest first in 

order to re-energize and get clear about your life. 

Or… (and this is most often the case) – you are 

procrastinating and allowing yourself to get distracted 

from the task at hand. 

Positive, life-affirming, abundance-generating tasks 

range from: 

1. meditation 

2. writing in your gratitude journal 

3. exercising 

4. creating (products, art, future goals) 

5. learning a new abundance-enhancing skill-set 

6. counting your assets 

7. supporting others to thrive in their divinity 

8. totally honest self-reflection 

9. sending out a passionate request for joy 

What do I mean by number 9? 

Your inner shift from slump to sizzling energy happens 

only when you request that it be so. I mean REALLY 

request it. 

Send out a telegram to the universe asking for 

happiness and abundance. 

Here's the catch. 

You must ask in a happy state of eager anticipation – 

meaning you're already happy! 


Because your trust in the perfect outcome means you 

KNOW for sure that your telegram is always answered. 

If you ask for something without passion, without 

trust, with any ounce of skepticism or doubt – you will 

be disappointed. 

It's like the question about what came first – the 

chicken or the egg? 


In being your desired outcome first, you immediately 

attract MORE of your outcome. (And that goes for 

negative or positive.) 

So how do you get to number 9 on the list above? 

How doyou ask for the very thing you want while already 

feeling 100% that it's already occurred? 

By implementing steps 1 through 8. 

It is step 8 that most have a hard time with. 

That's understandable. 

Self reflection requires inner work. Who wants to work 

on themselves? We're not taught to do so in school or 

college. And our parents are often not equipped or 

usually too busy to help us with inner self-growth. 

So we search and search for that "connection", the 

"magic bullet" or cure-all. We search for it in practically 

everything – health, relationships and wealth. 

These are revealed in your powerful Personal Shift 


Just as importantly, you get a list of empowering 

personal remedies. So that you know once and for all 

how to shift from mediocre – to extraordinary. 

Use your Numerology Blueprint as a daily tool to break 

through hang-ups and negative patterns. 

It's time to stop deceiving yourself that you will be 

somehow rescued! 

YOU are your own savior. 

You are the healer, You are the extraordinary creator 

who surpasses all by living in a state where abundance 

and joy are a given. They are self-created and they are 

your reality. 

Living an extraordinary, abundant life is the greatest gift. 

For both you and everyone you touch by spiritual osmosis. 


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